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Kinetec Maestra Portable Hand CPM

Kinetec Maestra Portable Hand CPM

The Kinetec Maestra® Portable Hand CPM incorporates an aluma-foam splint that cuts set-up time dramatically. It features a bilateral splint for a fit and comfort level that is much improved. Extremely lightweight and easy to operate, the Maestra Portable Hand sets up quickly for a wide variety of indications. The anatomically-shaped drive bar, lower motor mount and dorsal positioning provide versatile and comfortable patient therapy. Comes complete with intrinsic minus and intrinsic plus accessories.


  • Anatomically shaped drive bar enhances abduction and adduction of the web spaces as the joints are being mobilized
  • Up to 15 minutes of pause at extension and flexion limits allows for a controlled stretch and rest period
  • Composite flexion, intrinsic plus and minus motion included
  • Convenient digital display of angle, ROM settings, speed and force

Technical Specs

Range of Motion:
Speed (5 gradations):
15° hyperextension to 270° flexion (composite fist)
27 to 135 seconds (cycle of 0° -270°- 0°)
Intrinsic + : 0° extension, 90° flexion
Instirnsic – : 0° extension, 180° flexion

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