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Kinetec Maestra Hand & Wrist CPM

Kinetec Maestra Hand & Wrist CPM

Help prevent post-operative joint stiffness with the Kinetec® Maestra Hand and Wrist CPM Machine. Its patented drive mechanism allows continuous motion that matches the natural physiological spiral of flexion. This lightweight, easily-transportable unit also features variable speed control, variable range of motion, and a pivoting palm support for increased comfort, while its easy-to-use cursors protect healing tissue by limiting range of motion. Numerous attachments allow a wide variety of applications.


  • Breaks the cycle of trauma, inflammation and loss of range of motion
  • Prevents joint stiffness
  • Speeds the recovery of post-operative range of motion
  • Maintains the quality of the joint surface
  • Reduces pain and edema
  • Promotes joint cartilage healing
  • Reduces hospitalization time
  • Reduces the need for pain medication
  • Provides immediate post-operative continuous passive motion
  • Maintains desired positions for stretching and muscular rest

Kinetec Maestra Hand & Wrist CPM

Technical Specs

Range of Motion:

Full abduction/

Fingers: 45° hyperextension, 270° flexion
Thumb: Full opposition
Wrist: 55° flexion | 90° extension | 90° pronation | 90° supination
Intrinsic + 0° extension, 90° flexion
Intrinsic – 0° extension, 180° flexion
0° – 70°
23 lbs. (10.5 kg)

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