Kinetec 6080 Elbow CPM

The Kinetec® 6080 Elbow machine offers ultimate versatility by providing anatomically correct passive motion of the elbow joint with or without synchronized pronation/ supination of the forearm. It rolls on locking wheels and is usable in bed or a chair. Highly versatile, it fits countless applications, and variable speed control allows progressive changes in therapy. Lockable ROM settings prevent accidental program changes and potential injuries.


  • Aids in early healing and prevents joint stiffness
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Progressive change in therapy
  • Helps protect injured tissue
  • Portable, safe and reliable

Technical Specs

Range of Motion:


Flexion: 135° Extension 0° Rotation 180° Pronation/Supination 90
3 minutes 50 seconds to 1 minute (cycle of 0° to 135°)
24-Volt DC system
On or Off Switch and Speed Control
Height; Tilt; Forearm Length; Upper Arm Length

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