Pre-Operatively and Post-Operatively

Thera Tech puts the PRO in the CPM Process.
Thera Tech understands that time is an important commodity for every medical professional and his or her staff, as well as the patient. We’ve honed the process based on our experience and our commitment to providing the absolute best customer service, on call 24/7, to answer any questions and to ensure optimal results for the patient.


1. When your office staff schedules a patient for surgery, they either FAX us the intake sheet or CALL US with the information.

2. We call the patient’s insurance company to verify coverage details.

3. We call the patient to introduce ourselves and go over the process, including financial responsibility they may have relative to their insurance, such as co-pay or deductible.

4. We make arrangements to visit the patient in their home, where we fit them with the right CPM machine, show them how to use it, and make sure they understand the physician’s protocol for their use of the device.


1. A Thera Tech expert technician will contact the patient at their home to make sure he or she feels comfortable using the CPM machine.

2. When the patient has completed the course of CPM therapy, Thera Tech arranges for pick-up of the device at the patient’s home.

What is CPM?

CPM is Continuous Passive Motion, a post-operative therapy designed to aid in recovery after joint surgery, both in the hospital and at home. If a patient fails to move the joint sufficiently and properly after surgery, it will become stiff and scar tissue will form. This may result in a joint with limited range of motion, from which it can take months of physical therapy to recover. A CPM device is used to move the joint through a prescribed range of motion for an average of 3-6 weeks without the patient’s muscles being used.

Benefits of CPM

  • Reduced pain, stiffness and swelling with an increase in synovial fluid flow helping in the healing process
  • Increased range of motion
  • Decreased formation of random scar tissue or adhesions

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